Business Planning

Business planning should fine-tune your business into a well-oiled machine that helps reduce your stress, provides you with control and a life you find joy in.  Strategic planning doesn’t do any good without executing and actually achieving measurable results.  Implementation and deliverables is what makes change happen.  Don’t forget about your personal wellbeing either.  Your goal should be to reduce the time working in your business by 25%.  We can work with you to ensure transformation.

Value Growth

We will help you unlock the potential of your business and help you develop the skills, strategies, and techniques to maximize the value in your business.  You should expect an increase in revenue of at least 25% by 18 months and doubling your value in at least 5 years.  Working on your business and not just in it will unlock potential you didn’t even know you had.  Start turning status quo on its head.


We will help you navigate the options, paths, and planning to get top dollar for the sale of your business or help ensure when you hand over the keys to the next generation or successor it will be a business that continues to thrive and build a legacy.  Building a sellable business that buyers are hungry to buy or the next successor is excited and equipped to take the reigns is an investment that pays dividends.

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Unlocking Bold Business Strategy

Strategic moves should lead to exceptional results.  While most strategic planners have “hockey stick” projections, you need to know the difference between breakthrough plans and  incremental plans, budget inertia to a holistic viewpoint, and from a long-range to first-step.  We will help you identify a small number of goals that will have a high catalytic result.  Think David versus Goliath.

Recommendations to Results

We help you make change happen.  Strengthening people and plans, aligning minds and hearts, optimizing systems, and working on the right shifts achieve results.  Period.  We aren’t going to sell you on a 13 minute quiz, a process we trade mark and think is genius, or entrepreneurial hipster language and whitepapers you don’t have time to read (even though wordsmithing gives us a high).  We have an abiding belief that helping businesses achieve more changes lives, because we know personally how business can impact lives and change our world.  Let’s get after it.


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