Our Story

Want to make the most out of your business and your life?  We did.  We’ve been through the fire of starting businesses and we’ve been through the grind of maintaining and building.  But it’s not about that, it’s about thriving and living a life of abundance with true joy.  We help streamline your business, increase revenue, reduce stress and balance your professional and personal life because we’ve been there.  Our Co-Founders are Certified Value Growth Advisors and Certified Exit Planner Advisors and we are passionate about helping business owners.

What Makes Us Different?

We are entrepreneurs at our core sprinkled with lawyerish mentality to build and protect the empire you are creating.  We will not work “in” your business as a CFO or c-suite executive so we can keep our “outside” advisor perspective with objective recommendations.  We believe in collaboration, being a resource, and getting you the right help, and often, that might not be us and we may introduce you to someone in a specialty that can significantly improve your business who you had no idea even existed.  We aim to be that small advisor whose advice can have a ripple effect.  Think small isn’t mighty?  Ask Goliath.  Let’s visit.

Meet the Team

Bobbi L. Thury

Co-Founder, Chief Transformational Officer
& Attorney


Felan Link

Director of Operations

Jayna M. Voss

Co-Founder, Chief Transformational Officer
& Attorney


Karli Raymond

Client Services Director

Our Purpose

Empowering Businesses to Achieve More and Change Lives

Our Values


Always be honest.  What we think, say, and do must adhere to unshakeable moral principles.


In everything we do, we do our best.  Excellence is a necessary habit to be part of our team.


Attitude = Altitude. We strive to be a beacon of light to others.


We are here to serve – not to be served.

Next Steps...

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